The Licensed trade

The Licensed trade
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Success in the licensed trade is by no means easy, but, with the right support & advice from  knowledgeable people who understand the trade, you can make it a lot easier. 
Running a Pub, Club or Hotel is a very time consuming affair,the demands from customers, suppliers & staff can really be exhausting, and that before you've even got onto the day to day running of the business. Quite simply there is already more than enough to worry about without having to spend hours, even days producing paperwork.
For many years Salter-McLean & Co. has been assisting Licensees' across Kent to run their business by taking away the daily drudge of dealing with their paperwork.
We can provide profit and loss, cash flow forecasts and help compare this on a monthly basis with actual figures to maintain your progress.


We advise you on saving for the VAT bill, Self Assessment and the occasional rainy day. Good planning before you start can help ensure your success , it can also help get things back on track when perhaps things are straying from the way you had envisaged them.


We take pride in every client after all, if you don't succeed, neither do we. 
If you decide after the free initial meeting  that you would like to engage our services, or change from your existing agent, the first review meeting will include (if necessary):- 


Register you for VAT  
Register you as an employer
Register you as self-employed or a Partnership
Set up a Limited Company for you if required  
plus helpful hints on what to look for in the first few initial months and how to avoid the pitfalls. 


And finally as we appreciate just what a busy life you lead we 
always try to come to you rather than you leaving your business to come to us

if you require we can offer you:
A complete package dealing with Accounts, Tax, Vat, Payroll 
and Book-keeping.